MyPhilosophyI believe you should come as you areleave like a pro!

Honestly, I  believe that everything we do is a reflection of who we
are and creating a business should not be any different. That is why I
wanted Emma Mesrobian Dance to be an experience and extension of
your life’s growth! A place to feel safe, not judged, and be as raw as one
can be within their soul, because that is exactly who I am.

I create 
stories through movements, and through 
all those movements, I have 
turned a lot of non-dancers into
 dancers, from all ages and walks of life. 
However, the best part of my 
accomplishments is to see
 how client’s spirits were lifted and 
their confidence shifted every time they 
pushed through a movement, 
they had difficulty doing. 
Is it easy? Absolutely 
not! I am so grateful that our paths crossed, 
either for your special event 
or for my dance workshops and in the hopes 
to add some value to your 
lives. I believe that every skill we learn and 
attain adds value to our lives 
and causes a ripple effect even when we least 
expect it. Thank you for 
being here and lets have a ball!  

FeaturedGreen Wedding Shoes

When Theresa and Bherod came to me to choreograph their first dance, they wanted something simple, sweet, and memorable. They had chosen Al Green’s, “Let’s Stay Together” to dance to. I really wanted to use the fun beats of the song and have cool smooth steps to match the melody and the entire vibe of the venue and the night. Bringing couples’ love stories to the dance floor is more than just putting a couple of steps together.

I always like to know how they met and what the song inspired them. As we start each session, tiny little details of their love story emerge and guides me to create their dance. I am so honored to be featured with the rest of the talented wedding vendors on Green Wedding Shoes. You can read about Theresa and Bherod’s “A TropicalInspired Brunch Wedding” here.