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“Spell Bound”

Merry Grinchy OI’ Year!

“Summer Lovin”

Client wanted to recreate a fun night in “Old Cuba”!


Excerpts from my choreography danced by my amazing clients on their wedding day, for their first dance! With style, simplicity, and with a romantic edge. I have great admiration for my clients wanting to take dance lessons for their first dance. I know it can be intimidating and I can’t tell you how proud I am of my clients for always taking on the challenge, working hard, and dancing with their hearts at the end. Together we create great work!


In this video, I share how I started to choreograph for the LOVE industry, how my clients feel when taking dance lessons with me, and the value of taking dance lessons. The class can be different for each client. And experiencing it first hand is the best way.


This dance was created from a Poem. Called “Ironically You” Here’s an excerpt from the poem. You were there, moments before ” Ironically You, You, ” Told me, Ironically, it was never from you! We wanted to capture the feeling of the venue through the imagination of the thoughts and feelings of the lovers, as if they were or if they could have been.


My client wanted me to create a dance to showcase the playfulness of LOVE! And in this video I used, our location, space, colors props, and even cake. And the game of cat and mouse to bring back the youthfulness of love and flirting.


Armenian Bride Dance, (Harsi Par) is a beautiful old traditional dance, performed by the bride for the groom. A pure dance that expresses not only the bride’s vows, but also the depth of her love, heart, soul, and dedication. I am extremely happy to see this tradition being preserved, practiced, and redefined. It is a sweet gesture that we truly need to embrace and keep our hope alive for true love. The dance is usually danced to a slow and traditional folk Armenian Music of your choice. Of course, you have a choice, to mix it up and intergrade upbeat music with it as well. I have done that many times for my brides. I think a lot of my clients love my style, because of my contemporary flair to my traditional dances. But I always make sure to keep the tradition alive in my choreography.

An Iranian cultural/Celebratory Character dance.

Made popular in the streets cafes and teahouses. Over time its style and technique have been redefined. My client wanted to see a different and edgier version of this dance. I love incorporating from my versatile gallery of styles and using symbolism when I choreograph. Blending my love of classical Jazz and my love for Cultural Dances, here’s my version of this fun dance! Incorporating the authenticity of the culture and the pure style of old school jazz, this became one of my favorite dances to perform.


Teaching a “Kochari Dance” class. Kochari is an Armenian National Folk Dance.