FeaturedShahs of Sunset

This past spring, I was asked to be on the TV show Shahs of Sunset. A reality show on Bravo TV, that follows a group of six Persian-American friends. Nema Vand, one of the cast members, has voiced his insecurities about his Persian dance skills and Persian roots. I had the great pleasure of having him come to my studio and tape an episode of our dance class.

In this episode, I am teaching him how to dance Persian. With a lot of Persian events coming up, knowing how to dance Persian, was very important to him. I am so glad I was able to help him because he loves to dance. Along with so many other guys, just like Nema, they let fear and intimidation hold them back from even trying. It is not easy stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new, especially being on a TV show. I was so proud of Nema

that he did not let his fears get in his way, learned how to dance Persian, and got in touch with his roots. What helped him the most, is that he now has the best tool to conquer any dance floor with confidence, and that is priceless.